Ever wonder why you’re feeling dissatisfied in your career? You’re not alone. Some of the most successful people in the world (by external standards such as money, titles, accolades, etc) are some of the unhappiest people. On the other hand, some people who claim their work is fulfilling, find they are stuck or unable to carve out a pat for success in their career.

What if i told you there was a secret formula to help you find both success and fulfillment in your career, so you can truly feel an intrinsic sense of satisfaction?

If you join this Accelerator Group, I will reveal four critical elements that are guaranteed to help you feel that deep satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re on the right path, and that you are doing exactly what you were meant to. Whether you are feeling uninspired or unmotivated in your work, or on a deep quest to find meaning, I’ll show you precisely what it takes to make a career meaningful, and satisfying. You’ll have answers to questions “How do I achieve greater success?” and “How can I feel a sense of fulfillment?” If you’ve been trying to figure out whether you’re on the right career path, you will have significantly more clarity after our time together.

You don’t simply stumble upon both success and fulfillment, you plan for it. If you’re ready to carve out a pathway, be prepared to be challenged as I help you uncover some truths and myths about what it actually takes to feel a sense of meaningfulness in your career, and wake up excited to show up to work each day.

If your desire to change is greater than your desire to stay the same, this is the course for you! Participants must be committed to doing the work needed to create their personal roadmap. You must also believe in continual improvement, and be willing to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

This Accelerator Group includes 6 group sessions, plus a one 1-on-1 Why Discovery session.

If you have previously completed a Why Discovery session with me, you will receive $277 off your purchase price.

You will LEARN:

  • Discover the common traps that cause people to chase the perception of success
  • Avoid falling into those traps
  • A unique proprietary model that reveals ‘The 4 Ps of Success and Fulfillment’
  • Confidently make strategic decisions about your career, and what it takes to move to the next level
  • Uncover your unconscious brain patterns that guide how you think, act and behave
  • Move from a state of feeling stuck and unsatisfied, to a place where you are inspired by the career path you are on

You will ACHIEVE:

  • Embark on a life that offers you a deep sense of success and fulfillment
  • Understand how your brain’s wiring is helping and hurting your ability to make powerful decisions about your career
  • Expect clarity on what you need to do more of, and less of, to create a meaningful life
  • Wake up with a deep sense of alignment and certainty knowing what the right career path looks and feels like

Instructor: Simone Brown

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $7145 CDN

Via VideoConference


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