Brad’s accelerator group provides diversity of guidelines and practices to build effective techniques in leadership, communication and management – with weekly discussion sessions and professional informational materials such as articles, presentations and workbooks.

~ Bryan, Engineer

I won the chance to meet Michelle Obama by writing an essay! The knowledge and skills I learned [in my Accelerator Group] have changed me.

~ Alice, English-as-a-second-language Engineer

I had no idea how badly I needed this!”

~ Dallen, New Grad Engineer

I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what we’ll be talking about. It’s always a helpful surprise! Since joining LevellingUp, I’ve become much more aware about learning from people around me. And I’ve learned to ask myself: ‘Is this information I can use, can improve, or should it be trashed?’

~ Saba, Program Manager

Sometimes we’re so busy doing the day-to-day stuff, and the big elephant in the room is left in the back of our mind.  With LevellingUp, I get to reflect on what’s bugging me, I pay attention to my challenges, and figure out to resolve them. The work I’m doing now has improved the rest of my life.

~ Natalie, Business Analyst

I appreciated the facilitator method of learning, which allowed me take a step back from my daily grind to think clearly within a collaborative space. I feel better equipped to speak to my career journey and aspirations with people who don’t know me.

~ Rukky, Business Major

LevellingUp is great because it meets you where you’re at. With your Sage’s encouragement, you to dig deep to find answers to your unique problems. It has really helped me to uncover my own leadership style, and bring it to the next level.

~ Mary-Beth, Team Leader

This isn’t a lecture that you just take away from. It requires you to engage in the discussion, and has been a real eye-opener for me. You should warn people about that! My Accelerator Group has shown me where I’d like to be in my relationships versus where I am. While LevellingUp is all about being a better leader, the subject matter relates everywhere.

~ Gideon, Senior Team Lead

I thought Dietrich did an excellent job of getting participation from everyone. Nobody was off the hook. And Dietrich is very experienced – his group goes really deep, and the content is relevant for today’s leaders. I enjoyed the diversity of learning from people in different companies and in different fields. Often in internal company training, you’re always looking inwards. Having an outward perspective gave balance.

~ Marvin, Regional Sales Director

The group discussions help me to understand myself better as a leader and give me training to pass on my experience by showing the potential end results and motivating others.

~ Kaz, Senior Engineer

I knew we had this group discussion today and wanted to go through it before speaking [with my co-worker].

~ Derrick, Business Owner & Serial Entrepreneur

I’ve really enjoyed being a sage, it has been fun and rewarding. I find taking a “peer” approach to mentoring, with no hierarchy, makes for a much more open and free flowing dialogue. The group has been exceptionally receptive to the content and support i’ve provided and participated fully in the exercises, role plays and discussions. We’ve all learned from each other’s experiences and i do feel like i’m making a difference, one relationship at a time, in doing this.

~ Brad, LevellingUp Sage

For my whole career, I tried on my own to develop my leadership but failed.  For the first time, my leadership development is effective.

~ Bryan, Team Leader

This experience has caused me to think critically about the future of our economy, specifically how we are moving more towards a gig economy. I am extremely grateful for the community that was created due to this mentoring experience and I look forward to us helping each other out as our careers progress.

~ David, Biomedical Engineering Major

Levelling Up provided me with the opportunity to expand my social network and make connections with individuals outside of my field. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly meetings, and the in-depth discussions that stemmed from the weekly content presented. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone looking to expand their frame of reference and their social network, with respect to building their career.

~ Valeriya, Kinesiology Graduate Student

This was an excellent opportunity to learn and share our ideas with a network of peers. I liked the program since it helped me think about my future career and goals more clearly. I am very grateful to the levelingup team for having done this

~ Sahar, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases major

In the past, my annual personal development budget would be drained with only one or two courses. LevellingUp is so affordable that my goal for myself is to always be in a LevellingUp Accelerator Group – so I can hold myself accountable to my personal growth goals year after year. To not allow myself to slip back, and to always focus on an area to develop.

~ Alex, Financial Controller

My busy schedule doesn’t allow much time to travel for courses. Not having to travel, and sharing online with a group, not only allowed me to attend – it was surprisingly fun!

~ Michele,  Boutique Manager

This group has allowed me to better understand and apply my strengths not only in major areas such as achieving my professional goals, but also in my basic daily interactions with those around me.

~ Adam, University Student

I think i have always understood the value of emotional intelligence in relationships, but our sage was able to bring us to a deeper understanding of what it means and how to use it effectively. It was exciting to see a diverse group of individuals, from very different backgrounds and industries, achieve tangible markers of growth, both personally and professionally. I felt a connection with this group i honestly doubted was achievable through an online platform, prior to this experience. I’m hooked!

~ Brandi, Registered Nurse

The opportunity you guys are giving people is amazing. You grow a genuine connection with these people. I feel I’ve gained a level of knowledge in a part of me I didn’t know existed.

~ Teddy, Labourer

I’m definitely a LevelUp now!

~ Mano, Accounts Receivable Specialist

I love that you’re not just showing up and watching videos. You’re actually being held accountable to learn, and to grow, and to progress. I feel I’ve finally found a community that I can relate to. I feel I belong somewhere now.

~ Candace , General Manager

I’ve been a manager for over 10 years and I’ve done lots of leadership training. LevellingUp is different and better than anything I’ve done before. I had no idea it was going to be so personalized, and how much it was going to help me.

~ Harpreet, Program Manager

I have participated in a number of leadership development programs in the past that were both time consuming and expensive. LevellingUp’s unique format of online coaching combined with a round table dynamic allowed my leadership team to learn valuable skills from the comfort of their offices in only an hour a week. This cut out the need for travel time and reduced the overall cost while still allowing for the face to face dynamics of a group setting led by an expert.

~ Mark, CEO

It helps me stay accountable to myself.  Not often do you have that opportunity!

~ Alex,  Financial Controller

I came to LevellingUp because I’ve never done sales before, and in my new role, I need to do it well. I was looking for help from an expert to quickly master the art of selling – and Stan was able to speak directly to my needs.

~ Steve, Business Coach/Consultant