Finding Success in the New Normal

Lean into the crisis and find a way to take control. It can be scary when things turn for the worst in any industry. When revenue drops and the world slows down, the idea of job losses and instability suddenly start to become a reality. So, you are faced with a choice. Do you wait and see what is going to happen? Or do you take control and lead you own career?

4 Steps to Taking Control of Your Career

Discovering Your Strengths

Discovering your personal strengths is integral to making your career choice. 

Start by asking yourself: What are my skills? What am I great at? What are my weaknesses? Take the time to identify the jobs you do well and why. Then ask others you trust to give you an honest answer as well. Next, ask yourself what makes you the most excited? What makes you happiest? Leveraging happiness into your work will drive you to being the most productive version of yourself. Knowing your strengths (and weaknesses) will keep you moving forward. Take time and reflect on feedback others have given you over the years. What you have been praised for? What have you been criticized for? Take a look at this 8-Step Process to discovering your strengths from Forbes for more ideas.

Find A Peer Group & Mentor to Get A Leg Up

Lean on the experience of others to leverage yourself to a higher position. Surrounding yourself with experts and supportive peers will give you access to decades of experience through others’ personal journeys. Observing others and how they have dealt with their circumstances (or haven’t) provides insight into how to navigate your own. The benefits of mentoring relationships and peer mentorship allow you to accelerate exponentially. When faced with tough decisions, having a group around you to sound-board, encourage and give feedback, will help you make faster and smarter choices. It also will put an end to the feeling that you’re alone. Find these supportive communities in groups like masterminds or coaching circles, or training groups.

Educate & Training

Take time to discover new skills or rediscover old ones. Get back into refining and growing your skill sets to match your new desires and goals. Read more. Volunteer. Network. Get back to building habits that have been pushed aside and find opportunities to engage and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Use Meetup to find skill development sessions and network. Sign up for an online course to build those skills. Explore Youtube for creators with good advice on the skills you’re looking to build and reinforce. Join a LevellingUp Mastermind+ or Accelerator Group for a fast development approach. We’ll find you like-minded peers and experts in any area to help you grow your skills fast.


By restricting our interactive training to short bursts, we’re Once you’ve taken the time to explore and cultivate you, it’s time to consider what direction you want to launch! It’s your choice. Are you going to turn your current work environment into a place of excellence that others dream to be a part of? Do you want to launch your own endeavour and build the business of your dreams? Having this position is the position of control. The world will keep on moving but you have a choice. Will you take it?


“Your dreams and goals are right there waiting for you. It’s time to make your move” – Mike deBoer, CEO & Founder - LevellingUp

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Mike Deboer is the founder and CEO of LevellingUp. Leveraging a 20+ year career an executive leader in Oil & Gas, he’s using the lessons he learned while becoming Western Canada’s Strongest Man to raise up our next generation of leaders.  To get involved, connect with him at Mike@LevellingUp.ca.

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