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Vince Fowler
Vince Fowler
Business Coach, TEDx Speaker, Retreat & Workshop Facilitator, Crayola Ninja, Veteran
My WHY: To explore and curate the wisdom of past and present so that Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs live life on their terms.

I'm the Chief Curiosity Officer at Vested Interest Group and I'm deeply curious and fascinated about human behaviour. I'm curious about what motivates you, makes you tick, choose, decide and execute.

What does purposeful and meaningful work look like to you?
Over the last 7 years and collective work with almost 100 personal clients, I have come to learn that one of the most significant challenges in owning and running any business(es) is navigating one's own internal narrative - you know, your "story".

While I understand the overall mechanics of business - how money is made, profits are earned, and how social and economic factors can play a role in a company and/or industry - I also understand how emotions, feelings, and thoughts can have an effect on the way people behave and lead in the midst of opportunity, crisis, or operational uncertainty.

My goal and intent is to create a safe place to explore emotions, decisions, and experiences without judgment so that you get clear and get shit done. It is unfair to ask your staff and family to create a space for you for this kind of work and support as they are often part of your story.

If it matters; I am a Certified Business Coach, TEDx Speaker, Championship Athlete and Military Veteran with operational experience in war-torn Somalia and over 23 years experience in personal and business development, and I leverage every ounce of my experiences to benefit YOU.

Building a business that allows you to live life on your terms can be HARD.
Running a business that doesn't is also HARD.
Choose your HARD. #vFowler

Specialties & Personality Inventories:
• Activator, Relator, Competition, Maximiser, Individualization
• A Di on the DiSC
• Potential "Jerk" 😉

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