Treena Elliott

SI Trained Coach, Resume, Interview and Career Coach, Talent Specialist & Culture Enthusiast


We don’t get to choose our circumstances growing up. If we grow up experiencing trauma, we can be led to believe that life is happening to us, and how we end up is beyond our control.

As a child of divorce and my own trauma, I was fortunate that I never felt that way – I knew my life was my own to create. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and it’s only been in the last 8 years that I’ve had the confidence to become one.

Coaching for me is the culmination of my experience over the last 20 years and the three things I’m most passionate about:

  • Living a great life
  • Enjoying having a rewarding career
  • Great workplaces

I rediscovered Tony Robbins in 2011 while watching Oprah. She went to one of his seminars, walked across hot coals, and I was mesmerized. Not long after that my husband and I saw him speak. I was hooked. In November 2017, my best friend and I attended Unleash the Power Within in West Palm Beach, Florida and literally walked across fire. It was transformative.

Tony and Oprah’s stories have always resonated with me as they both have shattered all the limiting beliefs that come with a tumultuous upbringing to become wildly successful entrepreneurs committed to helping others. This is my inspiration for coaching.

You might be feeling stuck, alone, frustrated, unhappy, anxious, or lacking the confidence, like I was, to come up with a plan or a set of goals for the future. OR maybe you’re having a tough time appreciating today and what’s going on in your life at this moment.  Wherever you are in life and whatever might be holding you back, I’m here to help get you moving towards the life you’ve always wanted.

In my 15+ years in recruitment and HR I have reviewed tens of thousands of resumes, interviewed over a thousand people and placed hundreds of candidates. I can tell you one thing about 95% of resumes – They are terrible. Your resume, cover letter and even LinkedIn profile offer an incredible opportunity for you to tell your story to your dream employer in a way that could quickly motivate them to want to call and meet you.

I help people revamp their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile so that they stand out from the crowd. Your resume has one job – to get someone to call you. And that’s exactly my goal with my career fulfillment clients.

Great careers are found at great companies and all sought after employers have one thing in common: A Strong Culture.

All companies have the capacity to attract and retain top talent if they are willing to look inside their organization and examine their culture. I can help you ask the right questions and come up with a plan on how to shift a broken culture into one that not only attracts the best people in the market but one that builds loyalty.