Nick Roud

(MCEC) Master Certified Executive Coach + MLEI Certified, CPI260 Certified, STLI 360 Certified, MBTI Myers Briggs Certified Coach



Nick Roud is the owner of Roud Career Coaching. Since 2006 Nick he has been partnering with senior executives and professionals in their leadership & careers. Nick is a Master Certified Executive Coach (MCEC) and one of the Top 3 Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaches in the World (Under John Mattone). Nick also is an Executive Coach on The Executive MBA program at one of New Zealand’s most prestigious Universities. 

It will give me immense pleasure to get to know you, to understand who you really are, and to partner with you in your journey!

In 1974 I was born to Roy and Diana Roud in Surrey, South East England and had the greatest childhood anyone could ask for. My dad was an electrician and my mum did the hardest job in the world, raise me and my sister Emma in our wonderful home, 55 Elmwood Close, Wallington (the best playground any kid could have asked for). My grandparents were Louis & Eda Halom (my mum’s parents) and Bill & Chris Roud (my dad’s parents). Louis & Eda were Hungarian’s who escaped during the war and moved to the UK.

I hated (a strong word, but the only way I can describe it) school, always behind, always struggling to make sense of everything, always being laughed at for being ’thick’ but I loved the rugby playing fields – my place to excel and escape.

At the age of 8, I was diagnosed with the greatest gift any person could be given (apart from my wife and kids)…….’dyslexia’, which is basically a difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols. Why do I call it the greatest gift I will ever receive? Because it allows me to see things differently and this has absolutely helped me be the successful coach I am today. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

After joining a prestigious chartered accountancy firm in London and then moving into one of the oldest global exhibition organizing companies, I moved to New Zealand in 2006. This is now the place I call ‘home’. I married a beautiful kiwi women Nicola in 2012 and we have two wonderful kids, Louie (named after his grandad) and Willow.

What is my mission?

My mission is simple; to help every person who works with me to ‘improve’ and ‘get-results’. I’ll share my Core Purpose Statement during our LevellingUp AG.

There continues to be so many special people in my life that have or are helping me, but I would say, John Mattone, the #1 Executive Coach in the World, has helped me a lot with my business.

In 2018 I was hand-picked, trained and coach personally by John. I have personally grown and developed into the coach I am today thanks to the continued support and trust we both have in each other. I am the only ‘Master Certified Executive Coach’ in New Zealand delivering his executive leadership coaching program, Intelligent Leadership. Considered by John as one of his Top3 Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaches in the World.

Hand on heart, seeing first-hand my clients improve and get the results they deserve, working with driven – focused and genuine people is the thing I am proud of most. It was a huge privilege to be asked and to coach on the ICF (International Coach Federation) pro-bona coaching program which included coaching assignments with YWCA and St Johns New Zealand.  In 2020 I have been asked to coach on the EMBA Program (Executive Master of Business Administration) at Massey University, in New Zealand. What a huge honour and privilege to personally coach and help those EMBA students.

I coach and work with CEO’s and senior executives and high potential leaders – some of the smartest, sharpest business minds around. I am hired to partner with them to create long lasting leadership success that will enable them, their organization, their teams, and those they serve to improve. I help individuals in their professional careers at various times and stages.  94% of my coaching clients are Chief Executive Offices, C-Suite Executives, Managing Directors, General Managers or High Potential Leaders who have been indicated as future leaders. Coaching is extremely intimate; clients enjoy me coming alongside them (wherever they are located in the world) and together, we get to work.

Look after yourself and each other, Nick x