Professional Certified Leadership and Team Coach, Facilitator, Program Designer, EQ Expert, Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator



A dynamic change catalyst that helps leaders and organizations achieve game changing results.

Leona is a Professional Certified Coach, facilitator and business consultant, and entrepreneur, who currently runs two successful businesses (Accendo Consulting and Medistat Canada) as well as a non-profit called Joy Socks.

Leona comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, being a child of immigrant parents, she learned early how to build successful and thriving businesses with grit, few resources and a great deal of creativity and innovation.  Leona believes we are all here for a reason. We all have a distinct set of skills and expertise that when tapped into and leveraged will have a huge impact.

That’s success.

Leona’s expertise lies in giving her clients the research backed, practical tools to be more resilient, emotionally intelligent and navigate change effectively. When you lead a team and a business these skills form the foundation for everything you do.

Leona takes her decades of leadership and business building expertise into her work as a coach and consultant. She is passionate about working with business leaders helping them lead with integrity, build strong teams and businesses that stand out amongst their competitors.

Over the course of her career as an ICF certified coach, Leona has helped thousands of people identify and achieve their personal potential.

Leona knows how precious life is and values the gifts that each of can bring. As someone who has a rare disease and currently has over half a dozen brain and spinal tumours, she’s passionate about helping others squeeze every last drop of goodness out of their lives and opportunities that they have to truly live, on purpose.

Leona’s experience coaching individuals and working with teams, has spanned a wide variety of sectors from developing and delivering resilience building programs for medical clinicians across North America at places like Johns Hopkins and The Mayo clinic, to providing leadership training to CTO’s from across North America to working with entrepreneurs and social services.

Leona is known for her quick whit, strong leadership skills and business acumen across a wide variety of sectors. She has a keen ability to target new opportunities to help her clients to excel and achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success without sacrificing their integrity or their wellbeing.