MBA, BA, Certified Management Consultant, Master’s in Human Capital Strategy & Certified Coach in Exponential Organization Development


Len helps leaders in large companies to define and align their strategy, organizational structures and management practices that drive higher performance.

Len has always been driven to find ways to deliver on strategy through better design of work systems.

He focuses on simple principles of the future of work, organizational design and people systems to implement and sustain high value change that is hard to achieve. His aim now is to help leaders learn these principles and apply them to their work system and personal effectiveness.

With over 20 years of professional, global management consulting experience, he has worked with senior leaders at more than twenty Fortune 500 companies to achieve massive impact totalling over $100 million in measurable benefits.
For example, he designed solutions to reduce operating costs at a major retailer by over $20 million dollars within one year; developed a roadmap that helped an energy production company find stability through wildly fluctuating market conditions; and facilitated tourism industry leaders through rebuilding new operating strategies while keeping their leading position in growth and revenue generation.

His past clients include Loblaw, Canadian Tire, Spectra Energy Transmission West, Teck Energy, TELUS, The Co-Operators, MasterBUILT Hotels and Travel