PhD, ORSCC, CPCC, PCC Assessments: Leadership Circle Profile and Collective Leadership Assessment and Lumina Spark, Emotion and Leader

Kerry Woodcock


Lead’s change for a world of change. Brink-leader, story- weaver, light-sprite. Change and collective leadership coach.

Kerry leads change for a world of change, holding and challenging leaders, organizations and social systems to amplify the power of relationship—for it’s powerful relationship that creates meaningful change. As an International Coach Federation accredited coach with twenty years of experience with corporate, government and not-for-profit organizations in a variety of sectors globally, Kerry develops the collective and change leadership capability.

She began her work as a change leader while leading a participatory forest management program and researching for her doctorate on changing roles in natural forest management in Tanzania in the 1990s. Currently she trains, mentors and supervises professional coaches and leaders in Relationship Systems Intelligence globally – most recently in Ethiopia, China, Canada and the USA. Founder of Novalda, she is the Canadian partner of CRR Global.