Jean Parker


Leadership Coach, CFO, Educator, BBA, BEd., ACC



I help professionals; such as engineers, accountants, professors, tech and project specialists, and small business owners step into or expand their ability to Lead through connection, collaboration, innovation and maximizing the potential of their teams.

I am a Leadership Coach / Change Insurgent / CFO with over 26 years experience driving profitability through change in organizations, 16 of those as a CFO. My industry experience includes oilfield distribution, automotive and garment manufacturing and tech. As a CFO, I lead organizations through growth and change. I was a proponent for creative solutions. In addition to leading numerous acquisitions and reorganizations, I also focused on developing people and process improvement structures.

My expertise includes organizational design and change; leadership mentoring; and initiating, implementing and guiding corporate strategies to fruition to promote the financial health of organizations. In addition, I am an innovative facilitator with over 10 years experience. Now as a Certified Professional Coach I help technically strong leaders, individually and in groups, expand their ability to lead through connection, collaboration, innovation and maximizing the potential of their teams.

My passion for working with Emerging and Evolving Leaders to expand their ability to Lead comes from my own experiences as a CFO. The work as a Financial Leader was exhilarating and challenging and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. But near the end I felt like there was something missing – I felt disconnected, a “lone wolf”. So I started to research, learn and train for the missing pieces that could prevent this burnout, this disconnection. I found the the techniques and tools in Coaching. Now I have built leadership training that combines my leadership experiences, structures and tools as a CFO with the tools of coaching to allow leaders to excel and reduce stress and burnout.

I have built three complimentary accelerator groups for LevellingUp that work together or individually to help you grow as a leader. Together you gain the skills to CONNECT, CO-CREATE, and CO-ACTIVATE you and your teams.

These groups include:

#1 “Be a Credible, Confident Leader” focuses on you increasing your self awareness as a leader;
#2 “Critical Coaching Conversation Skills for Leaders” focuses on you connecting effectively with your people and maximizing their potential on a one to one basis, and
#3 “Maximize the Potential of Your Team to Innovate and Implement Change” focuses on you and your team adding value to your organization.

Whether you participate in one or all three groups, you will gain insights and skills and find ways to pivot your leadership approach.