Colin Christensen


Experienced Entrepreneur, Investor, and Mentor. Certified “Good Enough Parenting” facilitator.


Having been in and around business from a young age, Colin’s current chapter is all about mentoring and helping entrepreneurs avoid needless failure.

20 years of awesome wins, excruciating failures, and lessons learned through his own ventures, investing, selling, growing and supporting businesses of all sizes from well-known international brands to the earliest of startups. These experiences formed the launch of The, an online DIY tool-suite for entrepreneurs and mentors.

The Entrepreneur Roadmap is at the centre of a few major projects.

1. Fuse42 a business accelerator investing capital into promising innovative companies helping them to scale rapidly and build into future investment

2. A Kiva-like micro-lending app helping entrepreneurs in developing countries through training and micro loans of $700-1300

3. Teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to school-age through university students internationally, and

4. Growing collaboration with international ecosystems like Startup Canada, Startup Commons, and groups through North and South Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and more

Colin is an expert at building world-class teams and helping businesses refine the central story that is told to the team, the customers, vendors, and investors. This has translated in helping his teams raise over $10,000,000 and increased the value of dozens of ventures.

Most importantly, he was lucky enough to marry his best friend over 20 years ago and they have three amazing teens together.