Certified Professional Coach


Playful enough to be serious & gentle enough to be fierce.

Professional coaching is my vocation. My life is one that serves my vocation: I am an improv performer, a record-holding endurance athlete, and, succinctly put, a human who is alive to the world, both a creator and an experiencer. I am equally at home in the back-country and the boardroom, and I am passionate about we as humans living completely at home in our Selves. From setting a course record in a 340-mile canoe race, to consulting bleeding edge startups and global brands, to shaving my head and solo travelling India, camping the remote beaches of the Canary Islands or the rugged bush of Northern Manitoba, I bring an exuberant energy to every day and a dedicated personalization to all of my coaching. I obtained an Honours degree in Philosophy in university and discovered executive coaching while in a Masters in Business Administration at Haskayne. I continues to study these, as well as shamanism and various spiritual teachings. I am a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index- Master Practitioner and a member of the International Coaching Federation. At my core, my passion lies in working with driven and ambitious leaders who want to experience more flow, engagement, and freedom in their life. My clients have called me a Type A Hippy, an Innate Knower of the Human Spirit; and many have noted my ‘Midas Touch’. I live & breathe the possibilities that powerful, dynamic coaching creates. Oh, and, I love you!