Bonnie Kowaliuk

Bonnie Kowaliuk

BA, BMT, MBA, MTA, RSW, Fellow of Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music,
Certified Coactive Coach, Gurian Institute Certified Trainer, Advanced Brain Tech


Senses Mindfulness Coach and Transformational Leadership Consultant specializing in support optimal EQ, mental health and wellness.

Bonnie Kowaliuk is an eclectic coach who has been exploring brain-based approaches to learning, leadership, health and wellness.

I am a seeker of wisdom and growth in myself and others. I strive to actively support individuals, groups and organizations to attain optimal health, wellness and development from the inside out. As a Mindfulness Coach integrating the expressive arts into my coaching practice as well as being a transformational leadership consultant, my vision is to heal the planet one person at a time by leading, learning and living from a heart-centered place.