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Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Accelerator Groups are a great way to expand your personal network and even become friends with the small group of peers who share your Sage’s time.

Our collection of battle-tested Sages from all over North America are excited to share with you the skills and knowledge they’ve learned along the way. Whether you’re looking to LevelUp in the areas of public speaking, entrepreneurship, women in leadership, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, general leadership skills mastery, or something else, we’ve got a seasoned expert for you!

What makes us different? I’m glad you asked! Our Sages offer coaching and mentorship through Accelerator Groups, allowing Seekers to split the cost of high quality, and typically very expensive, coaches between participants, making their expertise accessible and affordable for everyone. You get the benefits of one on one coaching without the massive price tag.


John Mattone

Anthony English

Bonnie Kowaliuk

Brad Gaulin

Brooke Ramsay

Catherine Bell

Colin Christensen

Dietrich Desmarais

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Ed Temple

Eric Watts

Jean Parker

Jenn Lofgren

John Mattone

Kaelyn Benham

Kerry Black

Kerry Woodcock

Kimberly Hill

Len Nanjad

Leona deVinne

Matt Young

Michelle Phaneuf

Mike Joseph

Nancy Clarke

Nick Roud

Scott Benham

Simone Brown

Stan Peake

Trina Morison

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