Purchase Confirmation


Congratulations on your decision to LevelUp your skills. We hope you’re ready for the explosive growth that
results from the interactive support of an expert and the accountability of peers

What can you expect from your Accelerator Group?

· Content and coaching drawn from your Sage’s training and experience
· Inspiring opportunities to put knowledge into practice
· A community of peers that will celebrate your successes and empathize with your challenges
· See more in the attached Charter

In the next 24 hours, you will receive:

· A meeting invite – so you can set aside time in your calendar for your Accelerator Group
· A Zoom videoconference link – so you can install and test the app before your first session
· A Slack Workspace invite – so you can access recordings of your Group’s sessions, and interact with your Group between sessions

We are confident that your LevellingUp experience will exceed your expectations.
Don’t hesitate to contact me on my personal cell (403-861-7866) if you have questions or concerns.

Never stop LevellingUp!

Mike deBoer
CEO & Founder