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Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level by bringing a deeper sense of connection within your team? To have them working together in unity – even during challenging issues? Staying connected, even in the midst of conflict, leads to greater success. And might even be the hidden superpower of some of our most-respected leaders!

Or maybe you are personally experiencing feelings of disconnection, isolation, or loneliness. And you’re not sure how to create meaningful connection with the people in your life.

Because connection is at the heart of the Father, authentic connection – within ourselves and with others – brings peace. When we’ve mastered the skill of connecting from the heart, we arrive at a place of deep personal peace, which then gets reflected in our relationships with those around us.

In this group we’ll discover our unique connection style, and we’ll learn strategies to connect with self and with others. And we’ll spend time to adopting a new mindset about conflict. One that keeps connection as the goal when conflict comes, as opposed to simply trying to alleviate the conflict.

Note: Participants of all faith backgrounds are welcome to participate. My Christian beliefs and values influence my perspectives and teaching, and will likely come up during the course our conversations. I don’t apologize for who I am – because being authentically me will allow you and I to connect quickly and deeply.

You will LEARN:

  • Why connection is so valuable, and the benefits to learning how to connect with God, with yourself, and with others
  • Your unique connection style as rooted in your personal identity
  • How to take personal responsibility for your connectedness
  • An effective life strategy for creating connectedness
  • How to approach conflict differently with a different mindset

You will ACHIEVE:

  • Find within yourself the deeper peace that comes from authentic self connection
  • More solid, deeper, and connected relationships
  • Greater self-confidence, self-awareness, and personal power
  • The ability to operate with more authority as you work from a place of personal authority
Grow A Culture of Resiliency


Grow A Culture of Resiliency

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