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Ask the Masters: How to Market & Sell Your Artwork

Thursday, OCTOBER 7th

5:00-6:00pm MDT (7-9pm EDT)


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There’s a surprising amount of knowledge and nuance when it comes to marketing and selling your art.

Let’s get into it together!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Learn from LU's panel of successful & experienced Masters

Cindy Revell, Topher Straus & Lauren Mantecon

Always LIVE & INTERACTIVE. Bring your questions!

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Meet Cindy Revell

Oil Master Artist

Vibrant flowers and spirited animals and birds have been showing up in my illustration and fine art for many years. The inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be found in the pistachio color of an aspen trunk in the rain, a spotted horse in the pasture, the golden color of light during a walk to the chicken house, or the inquisitive birds which are a common element in a vivid mix of florals, patterns, and animals.

The seed for a painting can start as tiny thumbnail drawings in sketchbooks, notebooks, and bits of paper that litter the studio. Sometimes the ideas come in an instant and sometimes they simmer for a long while.

Thick and lively brushstrokes are reminiscent of the swirling scratchboard marks from my early years of illustration. They have a flow that tends to wrap themselves around the objects creating energy and movement. Pure and vibrant colors give the paintings an optimistic and life-affirming quality.

It all comes to life in gardens, interiors, and still lifes where they fuse in an exuberant and joyful mix that playfully hints at the great connection between all life, reminding us that there is still wonder in this world and reason for hope.

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Artwork by Cindy Revell


Meet Topher Straus

Marketing, and Acrylic Master Artist

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado in 1974, Straus grew up enjoying every opportunity to hike, ski, camp, or otherwise spending time outdoors in nature.

He left to study at Syracuse University in New York receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1997. His first career in directing documentary narrative films and advertising took him to Los Angeles and later, New Zealand. His achievements in this medium included the appearance of his films at numerous international film festivals.

In 2018, after a decade of professional filmmaking, Straus returned to Denver and shifted his focus. He began fervently working toward becoming a full-time fine artist, hosting his first solo show in 2019. His second solo show, The Parks, debuted at a Denver gallery and garnered attention for his modern approach to the depiction of iconic landscapes, solidifying his style, vision, and emergence into the art scene. The exhibit was also featured later that year at the American Mountaineering Museum. His colorful and dynamic work has been exhibited in galleries, institutions, museums, and private collections in California, New York, and Colorado.

Straus is proud to have been recognized on a national level with the US National Park Service. Beginning in 2021 his “Tetons National Park” painting will be on permanent exhibit at the visitor’s center in the Grand Tetons National park in Wyoming.

Straus is an active, enthusiastic promoter of his own work and the art community as a whole. He currently lives and works above Denver in the foothills of Golden, Colorado surrounded by the wilderness that inspires him.

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Artwork By Topher Straus


Meet Lauren Mantecon

Acrylic, Oil, & Mixed Media Master Artist

When I was nine I would join my Mom with her local art chapter association in a shopping mall in Miami, Florida. I would set up my slightly odd acrylic paintings of unrecognizable planets and galaxies on canvas alongside the chapter members’ oil paintings of palm trees, nude studies, and sandy white beaches.

I did not know it at the time, but that experience shaped the beginning of a life-long body of work. Work that reaches to connect body/self with a mysterious universe. I blur boundaries of perception as I search out unseen/seen links that weave humanity with the beyond.

I work to capture the ethereal, to find the intelligence in aesthetic beauty, shape-shifting vibration, care taking light.

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 Artwork by Lauren Mantecon


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Date: October 07, 2021

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

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Venue: Online

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