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Ask the Masters: Finding Your Artistic Voice

Thursday, NOVEMBER 18th

5:00-6:00pm MST (7-9pm EST)


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ASK THE MASTERS!  Finding Your Artistic Voice

Explore how to find YOUR unique voice as an artist, so that you're creating art that truly represents you, and your unique perspective.


  • Do I have to decide between making artwork that sells, and making artwork that is true to who I am?
  • I haven't found my voice yet, and I paint in other artists' styles. How do I even START the process of finding my voice?
  • What does it even mean to have an "artistic voice"? Is it the subject matter I choose, my painting style, my color choices...?

❌ Without a unique voice, your art won't be an expression of your individuality.

✔️ Find your voice and learn how to let it sing, and you'll never tire of creating!

Learn from LU's panel of successful & experienced Masters: 

Sheila Davis, Brian Simons, & Jane Romanishko

Always LIVE & INTERACTIVE. Bring your questions!


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Meet Sheila Davis

Oil Master Artist
My interest is in the landscape, emphasizing the energy of the space as a whole. I paint it as I feel it – not as a physical likeness, but as an entire presence, involving the space of emotion, spirituality, temperature, and the senses.
I find I am inspired by the friction and play of textures where surface planes meet. The tangled undergrowth competes for light and space. A play of forces, where colour and temperature meld or clash for dominance - a battle of the elements, Earth, Sky, Water, and all they encompass. I believe an Artist interprets best what they know intimately…what surrounds them personally and they touch daily… what influences on a deep emotional level either conscious or unconscious. For me, this is the untouched Ontario landscape… tangled, unfettered, and unfinished…a work in progress, constantly growing and striving towards light, strength, and freedom from constraint.
Using traditional oils, I work quickly and vigorously, laying in several layers of transparent colour and value using large dynamic brushstrokes combined with splatter and drip, these layers are each reworked with opaque brushwork and calligraphy as I attempt to portray what first excited me about the subject, the flash causing the rush of Adrenalin and the urge to ‘get it down’ before the feeling dissipates. I prefer to work in a large format where I can apply movement and gesture to express the intense vitality and power I experience in the landscape.
I want the viewer to experience the moment as if they are standing there with me.

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Artwork by Sheila Davis

Meet Brian Simons

Acrylic Master Artist

I had an epiphany a few years back and realized that for me painting is just fun! Not serious or academic, just fun, and at the same time, I realized that if I’m not having fun, the painting is probably not working. I totally love doing work from my imagination, and it is always a surprise to me when something whimsical or outrageous shows up. I try not to pre-meditate anything, but simply approach the blank canvas and start throwing paint around. Amazingly, some things quickly emerge on the canvas and I try to obey and follow the promptings within. I find myself a servant of this process, not an author of anything great. The paintings happen of themselves and I am there! That is all! I also paint representation landscapes, still life, marine and floral paintings with brush and a palette knife as well as abstract works.

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Artwork by Brian Simons

Meet Jane Romanishko

Watercolour, & Pastel Master Artist

“Creating the energy of the painting,
the true essence of my subject
in their natural environment,
is more important to me than
a detailed record of the reality

I attempt to portray the true beauty of the subject in the fewest strokes possible.”

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Artwork by Jane Romanishko

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Date: November 18, 2021

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MST

End time: 06:00 p.m. MST

Venue: Online

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