Ask the Masters: Art Critiques Composition & Colour

Thursday, DECEMBER 2nd

5:00-6:00pm MDT (7-8pm EDT)


ART CRITIQUES  Composition & Colour

ASK THE MASTERS!  Art Critiques: Composition & Colour

We'll answer the big questions, like:
❓ How important is it to follow the rules of composition and when can I break them?
❓ Is the use of color more effective than composition to enhance the story I'm telling through my artwork?
❓ How do I guide the viewer into my painting and keep them there?

Want to get LIVE feedback from Sharon & Alexandra on YOUR painting?
SUBMIT an image of your work 🖼️ PLUS a short write-up 📝, for the chance to be critiqued, LIVE, by the masters! 

  • SUBMIT a high-quality image of your work, along with a reference photo, and a paragraph about the work (link below)
  • We'll select five paintings to receive live critique by LU's Master Artists during this event (artist must be in attendance)

LU members can submit art for critique:

Learn from LU's panel of successful & experienced Masters: 

Sharon Lynn Williams & Alexandra Manukyan

Always LIVE & INTERACTIVE. Bring your questions!


🎙️ Event recording available for LU Members Only

Meet Sharon Lynn Williams

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Mixed Media, & Encaustic Master Artist

My passion is helping artists paint with their own individual voices rather than reproducing a photograph. The best way I have found to do this is by teaching a self-critique process where we look at 3 stages of art creation: before you begin to paint, during your painting process, and at the end of the process.

“My goal and ambition are to bring beauty and peace into people’s homes through my art, and to offer the life-giving joy of creation to my art students.”

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Meet Alexandra Manukyan

Oil, Graphite, & Charcoal Master Artist

I work in different series that cover different themes, issues, and concepts, but the central theme that unites all of my paintings is human connection. The paintings examine what seem to be separate and isolated life experiences and look for the connections to, and impacts on, other people hidden in them.

The “masks” and the accompanying identities we all assume depend on the life roles we must play. They obstruct the conscious mind from acknowledging what unites us: our shared experiences of pain, loss, desire, the need for acceptance, and the quest for personal serenity.

I also portray images of strong women with almost god-like capabilities to impact the animals and environments around them. They are fierce and in control, which, as I show, may be detrimental to their surroundings. This is a topic that runs passionately in my heart, and I hope through my art I can provoke the realization that right now, we, as a species, have the opportunity to stop this downward trend of destruction to this planet, our home.

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Event Details

Date: December 02, 2021

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MST

End time: 06:00 p.m. MST

Venue: Online

Email: earn.it@levellingup.ca

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