Ned Mueller

Ned Mueller


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I was trained to become an Illustrator and did Illustration work for over 25 years. That experience gave me the discipline and skills  to do a wide variety of subjects and in different mediums. Because of that I have been honored to be a “Designated Master” with both the American impressionist Society and the Oil Painters of America.

I consider myself a “Traditional/Impressionist” and  have worked hard to strive to keep my standards up and make a quality of art. As I tell my students..”an accomplished painting has an interesting and beautiful  arrangement of shapes and colors”. That is what I strive to do, regardless of subject matter; to make a quality  “work of Art”.

I also have always loved to travel and am fascinated by different peoples and their cultures along with all of the beautiful and interesting landscapes that are part of this wonderful world that we live in.

I feel very fortunate that I get to do what I really love to do.



Colour & Composition

High Drawing and Painting Standards

Studio Set-Up


Social Media


Shows & Exhibits


Technique Demos


Art Critiques

This Mastermind+ is for



What Is An Emerging Artist?
As an emerging artist, you have been sculpting regularly and feel fairly confident in your one unique style. 

You’ve taken workshops/courses and have already been selling your work to friends, family, and in community shows, markets and beyond.

Now you’re ready to take it to the next level!


  • art critiques - getting expert feedback on your artwork
  • selling - learn how to sell your artwork
    • pricing
    • building your brand and marketing, leveraging social media well
    • earning a steady income in an unsteady economy
    • how to approach galleries and/or go solo successfully
  • business skills - learn the mechanics of creating and sustaining a business as an artist
  • production - studio set-up and time management to maximize production
  • art licensing - what products to create, how to find a reputable producer

As a aspiring artist, you have been creating on the side, as a hobby, and now you’re ready to take it to the next level!


  • technique - color and composition
  • art critiques - get feedback on your artwork to help you narrow and hone your style
  • supplies and tools - where to save and where to spend
  • marketing - learn to write your artist statement and CV, build your brand, launch a website, maximize your social media
  • price artwork – because your time and talent have value



Art of Seeing-Principles of Design and Color

This class will focus on the Principles of Design and Color. It is pretty hard to define Design in some simple terms, but I tell my students that a good painting is “an interesting arrangement of shapes, colors and edges”. That could be applied all the way from Classical to Abstract and everything in between.

We will talk about the Principles of Design and Color and how to apply them using value and color studies to work out some compelling ideas whatever the subject matter. Balance in painting is unbalance and we will work on understanding and applying these concepts in your unique way. Large shapes as opposed to smaller shapes, quiet areas as opposed to busy areas, interesting shapes as opposed to dull shapes, overlaps, color harmony, bad tangents, and more.

About The Artist

Ned is a very accomplished and highly respected artist, having been drawing and painting for over 65 years. He has been designated as a “Master Artist” with both the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society.

He is a graduate of the prestigious Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles where as still a student he also taught drawing classes. He has participated in many of the major invitational shows in the country, including the “Artist’s of America Show”, “Great American Artist’s Show”, “National Academy of Western Art”, “Oil Painters of America”, “Laguna Plein Air Show”, “Pastel Society of America”, “The Autry Western Masters Show”,  “The Northwest Rendezvous Show” and the annual “Plein Air Painters of America Exhibition”.

Ned has had three exhibitions at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and has shown in some of the Finest Galleries in the country, has won numerous awards and is included in many private fine art collections. He is a Signature member of the Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Plein Air Painters of America. California Art Club, Northwest Pastel Society, Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists, Northwest Rendezvous Group, and the American Society of Marine Artists.

Ned worked as a concept Artist for Walt Disney Imagineering where he also taught workshops for the Disney Artists. He continues to challenge himself to grow artistically. Ned is asked to jury Regional and National Art Shows and he loves to teach and share his many years of knowledge and experience by teaching classes and workshops, regionally, nationally and internationally.

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