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Mentorship Badges

For Your Artist CV

Master Mentorship has proven to be incredibly valuable for our members and also to be more effective than traditional workshops and formal art education. We want to celebrate this value and the achievements of our LU artists by providing these LU-certified badges for our Artist’s CVs.


For Aspiring, Emerging, and Professional Tier Mastermind Groups.

  • For the completion of 1 year of Master Mentorship for the Aspiring and Emerging Tier
  • For the completion of 6 months of Master Mentorship for the Professional Tier

Marketing Artists & Art Galleries Online since 1999!

Art In Canada Inc. represents many of Canada’s talented emerging, mid-career and established visual artists. We’ve partnered with Levelling Up to help you meet your specific online goals, website needs, and online marketing efforts. 

If you have an existing website, we can help by:

Website critiques; Rebranding strategies; Review current meta tags; Review website layout to make sure it’s following all of Googles Rules; Discuss needs you might have, such as incorporating an Online Store.


If you need a new website: We will engage in a creative, fact finding conversation. You ask us questions, we give you answers based on our 20 plus years of experience marketing artists online. We make sure your new website will give you the credibility you deserve to showcase and to sell your art. 

Covid has brought a new level of challenges to artists: Many artists are exploring their options of having their own online store. We can help you navigate that entire process, and configure your store for you!

All of the websites we develop are built to do well on Google, and we don’t stop there! We teach you everything you need to know to manage your website: Editing text, adding links, adding images to your gallery and content pages, adding YouTube videos, PDF files and more! We are always available to you ongoing, and will make sure you are completely comfortable managing your own website.

LevellingUp Members receive preferred pricing options on AIC services.

Please contact Lynda for more information. Email lynda@artincanada.com or call 403-336-1313

Calgary Art Supply Store

IAS is an independent Calgary art supply store offering friendly advice from practicing artists!

LevellingUp Members

GET 10% OFF art supplies!


Using Instagram

By: Heather Kinahan

Packaging Your Artwork

By: David Langevin


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