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Master Criteria

There are 3 major criteria that you must meet:


20+ Years of full-time dedication to your craft


Exceptional quality & unique style that sets your artwork apart


Passionate about mentorship, teaching, & support of growing artists

Artwork by David Langevin

Master Criteria & Expectations

To be a LU Master, you must have:

  1.  A unique style accompanied by an exceptional level of talent
  2.  Experience with teaching workshops and/or mentoring artists
  3.  Commercial success as evidenced by gallery representation and/or significant online sales
  4.  Engagement with followers, fans, students, on social media or via an email subscribers list
  5.  A passion for supporting growing artists

At LevellingUp, each Master mentors a small group of artists once per month.

Here are some additional details about how it works:

  • Each group is 6-8 artists (grouped by interest/skill/experience level)
  • The group meets with you once monthly for a 2-hour videoconference session
  • Your monthly commitment is generally 2.5 hrs for each group you lead
  • You decide what subject areas you’d like to mentor. This could be business of art, colour & composition, growing your online presence, art critiques, marketing and branding…  Whatever is your special expertise
  • Each group is supported by a Navigator (facilitator), taking the burden of administration and personalities management off your shoulders.
  • You mentor the group for approximately 6-8 months.  After this, a new mentor is rotated in to support the group, and you move to a different group.
  • Your choice of tier and how many groups you’d like to mentor

Impact With Ease

As a Master at LevellingUp, you get to connect with motivated growing artists in LIVE, INTERACTIVE & personal small groups. 

All you need to do is commit to a couple of hours every month to mentor and teach your group. We assign you a personal Navigator to support you and the group development, and we take care of everything else!

And of course, we’ll pay you well for your time. No more mentoring for free!

Ready To Get Started?

Should you be a fit with our needs, we will contact you and provide a full role description, compensation details, etc..

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We facilitate opportunities for people to be everything they were created to be, and to experience the dignity that results from the journey.


We provide a space where vulnerability is met with empathy, with wise counsel, and with confidentiality.


We provide a safe space where our members are respected and validated so they can be fearless.


We believe that all people have intrinsic value, and have wisdom and experience that can help others.


Our integrity requires that our people-helping-people business also be a business-helping-people.


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Grow A Culture of Resiliency

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