Leadership and management has both a dark and light shadow.  

Are you aware of yours? 

When I co-founded a top Profit and award wining business, we had a visioning session, in that vision session I basically ploughed my personal vision down our teams’ throats!!!  A few weeks later, a consultant from Denmark came in and asked our team what the vision was.  No one remembered.  I cried myself to sleep that night.

What we did from there was create a vision for the firm together.  Back to Margaret Wheatley’s principle – People support what they create. No one ever forgot the vision, our why, after that.  Now, a lot of small and medium sized businesses do not know their why and this is part of the important work that The Awakened Company does for organizations.

In my story above, I was operating from my default Enneagram Type 8 personality.  My way or the highway, not necessarily from my highest self.  Every leader and manager should know their gifts and works ons. 

The Enneagram is an ancient system currently being used in leading organizations around the world.  It is based on an understanding of the three fundamental types of intelligence – thinking, feeling and instinct.  It’s wisdom can be applied to you’re your relationships, and your organization.  The goal of the Enneagram is to free us from our habits that get in the way of our true gifts. 

What kind of shadow and imprint do you want to leave? 


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Catherine Bell is one of LevellingUp’s Sages and teaches leaders and executives the Enneagram, works with entrepreneurs on coaching and strategic planning.

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