Understand the naturally occurring patterns of complexity of work and organize your teams to win with higher trust, less effort, and more impact.
You are being asked to operate, collaborate, and compete at scale more than ever before. You are being asked to think, act and operate more strategically - work smarter, not harder and have higher imact with fewer resources. You sense that there is something about the design of the working system - roles, positions, relationships, interdependencies, management practices - that is preventing your teams from being as productive and positive as you know they can be. Other things like leadership development, teambuilding, group dynamics, communication skill development, and even compensation strategies are not quite achieving the intedend outcomes. There are no silver bullets. And no full revolvers either. This is the rise of complexity of work. You need to understand what it is and how you can handle it effectively. Become a human systems thinker to get work done with higher speed, trust and effectiveness in proven, naturally occurring ways and determine you own ability to handle complexity to manage your personal leadership effectiveness.

You will LEARN:

  • PRINCIPLES - of naturally occurring human patterns of complexity of work and how they affect the design of work and organizations
  • PROFESSIONAL CAPACITY - applying the complexity of work patterns to your own position to clarify what is needed and what is being asked of you
  • PERSONAL CAPABILITY - to handle complexity and how that affects your performance and potential
  • You will gain greater clarity about the level of complexity of your work, your ability to handle that complexity and what you can do to be has high performing as possible

You will ACHIEVE:

  • How to manage your accountabilities, yourself, and your peer relationships
  • How to manage your boss and your teams with greater clarity and higher performance outcomes than ever before
  • Understand what they actually need from you and what you need from then through the design of the work system
  • How to make the changes desired to be more successful
  • Past participants have achieved high potential and high achiever performance ratings within one year

Curriculum of 10 sessions:

  1. Intro - the science of people, work and organizations
  2. Problems and pointers - the challenge indicative of the rise of complexity
  3. Levels of Complexity of Work - natural patterns of work
  4. Your professional level of complexity of work - what your role demands
  5. Your own role clarity - what you need from others and others need from you; good commitments
  6. Individual Processing Capability - ability to handle complexity
  7. Your Individual Processing Capability - implications for action
  8. Key Accountabilities of People Managers - your role, your commitments, and your capability
  9. Insights for Action and Improvement - what needs to be addressed and how will I know it is getting better?
  10. Conclusion: Recap - pointers, principles, professional demands, personal capability, plans; What? / So What? / Now What?

Instructor: Len Nanjad

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $3332 CDN

Via VideoConference


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