Often people will feel that they are either withdrawing more or arguing more in their relationship with their significant other and mistake that for ‘nothing in common’ or ‘no longer compatible’ yet something keeps them in the relationship. When they learn the tools that I offer, their connection gets stronger and more passionate and this translates into increased confidence. The domino affect is that they feel more empowered and therefore set themselves up for greater success in all areas of their life.

You will LEARN:

  • What your personal values are, along side your partner discovering this about themselves. This process brings you into alignment with yourself and allows you to understand and accept your partner more.
  • You will also learn how to use times of conflict as a tool to understand yourselves better as individuals and a couple.
  • You will learn ways to communicate more authentically and clearly to each other. Find out how to set expectations for yourself and your relationship and to allow each person to be themselves in this dynamic, changing relationship.
  • By focusing on creating connection in your personal relationship, you gain success in the other areas of your life and career. The best part- no one has to change who they are.

NOTE: Ideally, couples participate together.

​You will ACHIEVE:

  • You can expect to understand yourself and your partner better.
  • To have more acceptance for yourself and that if you change it will be because you are inspired to do so and not because you feel you HAVE to in order to save your relationship, thus reduce resentment.
  • To feel closer and more in love because of your increased and renewed connection.
  • To learn that your conflicts can guide you to be stronger as a couple.
  • To feel more secure in your relationship, thereby relieving stress and able to focus your attention to achieve success in your career and other areas of your life.
  • To improve your relationships with others in your life including coworkers and children.

Instructor: Nancy Clarke

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $2666 CDN

Via VideoConference


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