You are a leader that wants to get the most of your people and help them expand their potential. And you know if you DO, you will excel 🚀 and your team will excel 🚀. But you maybe struggling with actually how❓ to do that.

How do you build confidence, help your employees find solutions, support them to develop?

The set of skills that will have the biggest impact to the performance 📈  of you as a leader and to your team are Coaching Conversation Skills.

🗝 Coaching Conversation Skills are a must have in your Leadership ToolKit.

A Coaching Conversation opens the door 🚪 for you as a Leader to:

1️⃣  Set up positive, safe conversations where you get the most from your people - self motivated, best work, self driven, clarity / connection to purpose
2️⃣  Help your employees create & clarify value based solutions. Your employees own their solutions and understand why this work is important to them and the organization.
3️⃣  Help keep your business ahead of the curve. The ongoing coaching conversations will facilitate iterative solutions and an agile, flexible workforce.
4️⃣  Set the foundation for solving complex problems, which requires collaboration and innovate work.
5️⃣  Impact communication by expanding you and your employees’ Emotional Intelligences.
6️⃣  Changes your relationship from reporting to brainstorming.
7️⃣  Shifts you from a Command / Control Leadership style to an Accountability Coaching style.
8️⃣  Become a support to help increase creativity, productivity, and effectiveness of your people.

You will LEARN ✅ :

✅  The Coaching Conversation Structure (This structured system is personalized to understand your employees’ strengths, desires and personalities to help and motivate them to succeed)
✅  How to use Rapport Skills to build Trust
✅  The Art of Active Listening
✅  The Use of Key Powerful Questions to get the most of your employees
✅  The Impact of Employee Value Clarification
✅  Tools for Finding Solutions and moving to Action
✅  How to Tackle Tough Conversations

​You will ACHIEVE:

⭐  Developing Coaching Conversation Skills; including rapport building, active listening, powerful questioning, contract establishments, exploration, creating solutions, developing committed, accountable action plans and celebrating wins
⭐  Cementing coaching conversation skills by exploring your own experiences, learning from your cohort and sage, demos, practicing your skills, and implementing action plans
⭐  Sharing ideas, experiences and perspectives with other emerging and evolving leaders and a professional coach / facilitator / business Sage

Instructor: Jean Parker

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $1,999 CDN

Via VideoConference


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