BOLSTER RESILIENCE - learn what it takes to be unshakeable in the most challenging circumstances

Whether you’re leading a team or a business, you know change is constant. Maybe you feel like you’re not doing enough, being as effective as you should be, handling things as well as you could be. Sometimes you feel like you don’t know if you have the tenacity to be as successful as you’d like in whatever realm you find yourself in.

The good news is the bottom line in these challenges, isn’t you and some intrinsic flaw you possess. The truth is in order to be truly effective in life and business we all need resilience to flourish. Whether you’re naturally resilient and just want to brush up on some skills and take things to the next level or you feel wrung out and could use a full resilience building tune up, this resilience building accelerator group is for you.

Are you a manager who wants to cultivate thriving, cohesive and effective teams? Or an emerging leader keen to learn the skills needed to create successful teams and organizations? Then this Accelerator Group is for you! You’ll walk away from every session some foundational skills that will change the way you live, lead and do business.

You will LEARN:

  • The cornerstones of resilience based on the latest research
  • How to assess their own resilience skills and learn new skills in order to navigate high stress situations effectively
  • How to lead others through times of uncertainty and communicate effectively
  • How to use resilience building tools so their teams and organizations are also bolstered in times of change and uncertainty
  • How to decrease stress, increase engagement and improve productivity using these tools

You will ACHIEVE:

  • Understanding of the key components of resilient leaders and organizations
  • Navigate change with greater precision
  • Respond strategically to high stress situations and not merely react
  • Understanding of their own reactions to change and how to set their own stressor aside to lead with intention and integrity
  • Personalized plan that can be implemented in order to be more resilient and help those they lead be more resilient as well

Instructor: Leona deVinne

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $1999 CDN

Via VideoConference


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Grow A Culture of Resiliency


Grow A Culture of Resiliency

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