This Accelerator Group is for individuals who have big things to accomplish and a deep desire to surpass the internal blocks that keep them from living fully powerful and courageous. Courage is the primary virtue a leader needs. It is the lifeblood of success, the secret ingredient of accomplishment, and the most basic element on the periodic table of human trails. It is the fundamental capability that makes EVERYTHING else possible. It is impossible to achieve anything real and meaningful without courage—the courage to try, the courage to want something, the courage to go after any big or small dream is what moves and shakes our individual lives and the world we live in. That is why unlocking courage is the key to unlocking any other possibility in life—whether you want to run a business, lead a global movement, or change your relationship with your family—courage will be required. With courage, anything is possible! You could spend your time planning a lot of things and dreaming a lot of dreams—but none of those will be possible without Accessing Courage.

You will LEARN:

  • Access your own clarity and have the guts to take action from it
  • Remove blocks such as fear and unworthiness that hold you back from accessing your courage
  • Confidently make decisions
  • Be seen as a beacon of bravery to those you lead
  • Be able to confidently define and live from your own definition of a courageous life

You will ACHIEVE:

  • You will lean into and access your courage muscle effortlessly, regardless of the environment you’re in
  • You will be able to lock in and get in “the zone” without hesitation
  • You will be supported to create your own courage success formula, and have experiential practice using it within the group and with direct support of Sage Brooke
  • You will confidently be able to say yes to what excites you and no to what drains you
  • You will lead more fearlessly and inspire better performance from your family members, colleagues, and staff
  • You will speak from a place of clarity
  • You will make decisions more easily
  • You will exude humble confidence
  • You will be positively inspired by Brooke’s coaching style and the incredible leaders in the group with you, gaining a new network of deep thinkings and ambitious leaders

Instructor: Brooke Ramsay

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $751 CDN

Via VideoConference


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Grow A Culture of Resiliency


Grow A Culture of Resiliency

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